Welcome to the GENOVATE's Online Learning package on Gender Competent Leadership in Academia


This online learning package is designed to provide a broad overview of issues on Gender Competent Leadership for senior leaders and managers in the higher education sector and research institutions, and other academics in leadership and management positions as well as for candidates for managerial positions in academia.

The package is divided into four sections by tabs. Each section in the package has been created with the contributions of GENOVATE partners, each of which have different institutional and national contexts for gender equality.[1] In each section, all partners shared their thoughts and experiences with examples showing how they handle gender equality issues in their institutional and cultural context.

The aim of this package is not to provide solutions but to create an awareness of gender equality issues in a cross-cultural context. Rather than prescriptions for solutions, this e-learning package then aims to encourage prospective leaders to make reflections on possible solutions according to their institutional needs.


You can start with any section and plan your review that meets your immediate needs or interest. 

Web tools such as pop-up windows, java, and pdf files are used in this course.


Each section contains


This online Learning Package features a flexible, self-paced, simple to use format. Each section is designed as stand-alone. You may pick and choose the topics you wish to review in any order.


Suggested Steps for Completing Sections:


The steps below outline one typical way to approach the course material.  You are not required to follow all of these steps in this order.

  1. Click on the section tab.
  2. Review the section outline to the right.
  3. Review section materials in the main portion of the web page.
  4. Click on links to view additional materials or go to the glossary for definitions of key words.
  5. Investigate links for further study (or make a note to return to this topic later).
  6. Use the back and next links to move from topic to topic in the section.


 [1] GENOVATE operates across seven European partner institutions, which are University of Bradford (UNIBRAD), University College Cork (UCC), Lulea University of Technology (LTU), Ankara University (AU), Università degli Studi di Napoli (UNINA), Trnava University (TU), University of Madrid (UCM) For further information about GENOVATE, please click on http://www.genovate.eu/