Luleå University of Technology (LTU)

Team Profile


Paula Wennberg

Paula Wennberg. Paula Wennberg, Creator and manager of CDT Innovation and gender platform with participants from academia, industry and public organisations.  She has since 2008 experience of leadership and management of projects which aim to promote the benefits of gender equality and diversity perspectives in enhancing excellence in research and innovation.

She has together with her colleagues and gender researchers developed several tools and methods for gender mainstreaming in practice.  She has participated in EU projects since FP5 in different organisational levels and roles.  In the years 2000-2010 she had a position of CFO of CDT (Centre for Distance-spanning Technology) at LTU.


Mikael Börjeson

Mikael Börjeson.  Mikael Börjeson CEO of CDT (Centre for Distance-spanning Technology).  His former professional positions include systems development (LKAB Prospektering 1979-1986), head of department R&D (SEMA 1986-1989 and Ericsson 1989-1996) and R&D centre management (CDT 1997 -).  

Mikael's experience includes international ICT R&D project management - including the coordinatorship of several EU projects.  He is also founder/co-founder of several new companies (ITNorrbotten, Marratech, Operax, Rubico, Oricane), has various board positions and is strategy advisor for venture capital and investment funds.


Michal Nilsson

Michal Nillson Michal Nilsson, General Business Manager at CDT, with industrial background in management, technical and business positions.  Project manager at LTU since 2002 responsible for EU funded projects.

He is the coordinator of FireBall, EU FP& Coordination Action and he was a main organiser of the 1st Swedish EU presidency conference, FIRE and Living Labs 2009 - Future Internet by the people.  He is member of ETP, eMobility and NESSI.


Ylva Fältholm

Ylva Fältholm.  Ylva Fältholm, Professor at Division of Human Work Sciences and Dean of Faculty of Engineering at LTU.  Her main field of interest is organisational change and development, for example why and how modern management concepts developed from industry are introduced into public sector organisations.  

Drawing on gender theory, she also studies career structures, gender mainstreaming interventions as well as recruitment practices in academia, and lately, how to develop and implement gender equality interventions in innovation systems in mining and forestry workplaces.  Most of her projects include interactive methods and approaches.


Ewa Gunnarsson

Ewa Gunnarsson. Ewa Gunnarsson, Professor Emerita at the Department of business administration, technology and social science at LTU.  Her main research focus is on gender, technology and organisation, constructions of skills and competence.  

She has contributed since the 1980s to the development of the "doing gender" orientation in organisation research.  She has led several organisational change projects with gender mainstreaming aim.  In these projects gender science  has been combined with an action and interactive research approach for achieving greater sustainability.  She is one of the editors of the anthology Promoting Innovation.


Lena Abrahamsson

Lena Abrahamsson, Professor (Chair) and work organization researcher at Division of Human Work Sciences at LTU.  Her research area covers organizational changes, workplace learning and gender issues in industrial companies and public organizations.  For example, she has been doing research on management concepts in the public sector as well as on workplace cultures and safety in  mining companies in Sweden and Australia. 

Recently, she has focused on applied critical gender research in projects like 'The future factory' - a concept factory formed by women and Daring Gender in academic entrepreneurship.


Eva Källhammer

Eva Källhammer is researcher at Division of Human Work Sciences at LTU focusing on interactive methods for applied gender research (and gender mainstreaming) to illustrate and discuss gender inequality, and to challenge, and in the long run change, gendered structures, symbols, interactions and identities within academia.


Jan-Olov Johansson

Jan-Olov Johansson Jan-Olov Johansson, senior project manager at Centre for distance-spanning Technology (CDT) at LTU.  He has 30 year professional experience of development of technical systems, mainly within the telecom industry.  He has participated in all phases in project life cycle, with experience of development of both software and hardware, in roles ranging from detailed design through systems design and analysis to project management and process development, including management of development departments.  The experience includes contacts with and coordination between development groups nationally as well as internationally.  At CDT he has gained experience in Academy-Industry collaboration in Research-Development-Innovation (RDI) projects.  Application areas include user-development of mobile services, energy saving, inclusive design.


Annika Sällström

Annika Sällström.  Annika Sällström, general business manager at CDT with background in education and IT/Telecom and management.  

She has more than 10 years' experience in user-driven innovation processes responsible of the Botnia Living Lab.  Her team has performed more than 100 user-studies and real-life trials since start (2001) in several domains and application areas.  In these pilots both qualitative methods have been applied for user-facilitation.  

She has significant experience in organisational leadership and project management including EU FP7 projects.


Maria Udén

Maria Uden. Maria Udén, associate professor at Division of Human work sciences at LTU.  She works with interdisciplinary technology studies, technology development and working life studies, especially regarding women and gender in male-dominated occupations.  Her main interest is feminist approaches in engineering sciences, another i gender and the development of the Arctic economy.  

The women's movement in the Arctic and on the global level, activities relating to women and gender in the knowledge society are sources of inspiration. Her work relates to the theories and methodologies of the women's movements in the Nordic academia: influences from European social sciences and feminist philosophy, and; particularly North American feminist science studies.


Maria Wallström

Maria Wallström, financial officer at Department of Computer Sciences, electrical and space engineering at LTU.  she has a long experience of administration of national and international research and development projects. She has supported CDT's project teams with financial reporting since 2009 and mainly projects funded by the European framework and structural fund programmes.

Carina Mattsson

Catrina_Mattsson. Carina Mattsson is a HR strategist at Human Resources at Lulea University of Technology since 2012.  Prior to this she was Director of Human Resources at the Public Dental Service in Norrbotten County Council.  Carina began  her HR career at Lulea University of Technology and worked in both public and private sector roles before returning to work in higher education.  Her work includes a variety of strategic work such as recruitment, internationalisation, diversity, strategic planning, analysis and process improvement.  Carina has a B.S. in Human Resource Development and Labour Relations from Umea University and has studied organisation and leadership at third cycle level at Lulea University of Technology.