Ankara University (AU)

Team Profile


Prof Çiler Dursun

Ciler Dursun Prof Çíler Dursun works as a professor at the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University and has a PhD in communication studies.  Professor Dursun's specialism areas include studies on  media and gender, discourse analysis, theories of ideology, science communication, social identity and psychoanalysis.  She is also the GENOVATE National Scientific Coordinator in Turkey and  coordinates a national Project as Reception of STI News in Turkey and Improving Science Journalism which focuses both on the readers of the newspapers and the practices of journalists in Turkey. 

Professor Dursun recently completed a module of EU-UNFPA supported Project on Violence Against Women in Turkey and  has written two books on Developing an Alternative News Language on Violence Against Women and Women NGO's and Media (co-author).  She conducted work shops for journalists and women NGO leaders and  is a member of Women Studies Centre of Ankara University, Senate member and the vice chair of Gender Equality Action Commission of AU.



Emel Memis

Emel Memis Emel Memís, works as assistant professor in the economics department of Ankara University, specializing in macroeconomics, gender and economic development, and feminist economics.  She is the vice co-ordinator and expert of GENOVATE and a member of Women Studies Centre of AU and involved in Gender Studies program designing lectures on women's labour. 

She joined the Levy Economics Institute as a research associate in the Gender Equality and Economy program in 2007, where she has been doing research particularly on unpaid work, poverty and time poverty.  Emel has been involved in the International Working Group on Gender, Macroeconomics, and International Economics. (GEM-IWG) and Feminist Researchers Studying Women's Labour (KEFA) group in Turkey contributing both as a researcher and as an activist on women's labour and employment issues in Turkey. 

Emel holds B.S. and M.Sc. degrees in economics from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Utah in 2007. 

Email: emel.MemísÍ


Yelda Basaran

Yelda Basaran Yelda Basaran works as research assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Akdeniz University. She holds B.S. degree in Communication from Galatasaray University and M.Sc. degree in Gender Studies from Centre d'Etudes Feminines et d'Etudes de Genre at Paris 8 Saint-Seine Denis University. She is PhD candidate in Gender Studies. Her research interests include Women's Cinema, Feminist Film Analysis, French Women Filmmakers, Young French Cinema and Autobiographical Cinema. She works as researcher at Genovate AU team since 2014.


Yeliz Özdemir

Yeliz Ozdemir. Yeliz Özdemir works as a research assistant in the Faculty of Communication at Ankara University. She completed an MA in Journalism at Ankara University in 2010. She has been doing her PhD at the same department since 2013.

Her main interests include studies on media and gender, new media sociology, critical discourse analysis and theories of ideology. She was one of the founders and Organisation Coordinators of Ankara University Student Initiative for the Fight Against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in 2004. She has also had several non-academic job experiences both in Turkey and Northern Ireland. She works as researcher at Genovate AU team.