Expected Impact

The implementation of GENOVATE will bring about tangible and measurable results in terms of attracting women in research at all levels among project participants.  This will be achieved through Work Package 3: Gender equality in recruitment progression and research supported by robust evaluation through Work Package 7.

GENOVATE shall also enhance understanding of the benefit to create a work/life responsive workplace and of improving the culture and organisational structures of research organisations and universities.  This will be achieved through Work Package 4: Working environment and culture change; Work Package 5:  Excellence in research and innovation through equality and diversity, supported by iterative evaluation through Work Package 7.

A key outcome of  GENOVATE will be a contextualised social model of gender equality implementation which will be delivered through Work Package 2, and disseminated in a variety of formats tailored to key audiences through Work Package 8

The action undertaken as a result of GENOVATE shall have impact across Europe and contribute to generating public debate.  It will also enable the knowledge exchange between consortium members and with key stakeholders through Work Package 6.  The outcomes of GENOVATE will also be widely disseminated of the project's outcomes which in turn will contribute to public debate and raise awareness.