GENOVATE Aims and Objectives

The main goal for GENOVATE is to ensure equal opportunities for women and men by encouraging a more gender-competent management in research, innovation and scientific decision-making bodies, with a particular focus on universities.

Aim 1

To implement innovative, locally-appropriate, structural, cultural and sustainable strategies for change in universities and research organisations to better support gender diversity and equal opportunities in research and innovation for men and women.


Obj 1.1: To implement a locally specific Gender Equality Action Plan in each core partner institution (Work Packages 3, 4, & 5).

Obj 1.2: To positively strengthen selection processes relating to equality in recruitment, promotion and progression of, and support for, researchers, in the partner institutions (Work Package 3).

Obj 1.3: To develop processes to strengthen the presence of women in academic/research leadership positions and senior academic research positions in the partner institutions (Work Package 3).

Obj 1.4: To raise gender equality awareness in academic research and scientific structures (Work Package 4 & 5).

Obj 1.5: To foster better working environments for female researchers and academic staff (Work Package 4).

Obj 1.6: To provide sustainability of the culture change which will support gender equality and needs of women academics in the organisations (Work Package 4).

Aim 2

To promote the ways in which gender equality and diversity benefit excellence in research and innovation as well as sustainable growth.


Obj 2.1: To strengthen research excellence frameworks and policies in the context of gender equality with the key objective of developing a 'code of practice' for assessing research excellence (Work Package 5).

Obj 2.2: To promote the benefits of gender and diversity in enhancing excellence in research and innovation systems and strengthen the systems in the context of gender equality and diversity (Work Package 5).

Aim 3

To facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange between European universities with very different levels of experience in relation to implementing actions for gender-competent management in research and innovation and to involve key stakeholders in supporting and promoting change for gender-competent research management.


Obj 3.1: To develop effective strategies for knowledge exchange among the partners, including a 'buddy system' and case-study development (Work Package 6).

Obj 3.2: To involve key stakeholders at all project stages (Work Package 8).

Aim 4

To develop and widely disseminate a sound management approach for abolishing gender inequalities and contributing to the improvement of working conditions for male and female researchers.


Obj 4.1: To document the process of implementation of GEAPs and to develop iteratively a social model of gender equality implementation, which will be locally and contextually-specific and therefore of relevance to universities and other institutions and organisations across Europe (Work Package 2).

Obj 4.2: To produce and disseminate Gender Equality Delivery Guides for delivering change for gender equality in research institutions, which will be locally and contextually-specific (Work Package 8).

Obj 4.3: To contribute to existing gender networks/observatories and to organise national learning circles involving key stakeholders, and an end point international conference for the project (Work Package 8).

Obj 4.4: To maintain an up-to-date project website for knowledge exchange and dissemination (Work Package 6 & 8).

Obj 4.5: To develop and implement dissemination and sustainability strategies (Work Package 8).

Obj 4.6: To monitor the effectiveness of proposed actions throughout the project through an integrated formative and summative evaluation process (Work Package 7).